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Good Times (1967)

Good Times is a movie starring Sonny Bono, Cher, and Sonny & Cher. Sonny and Cher spoof many Hollywood classic movie scenes.

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The Synopsis for Good Times (1967) 720p

Done in a similar style to the musical duo's TV show "The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour", this film is more a series of unconnected skits and parodies than a single running plot. When Sonny gets offered a role in a movie, he talks Cher into giving it a try. The proposed script, however, turns out to be awful, but in order to get out of doing this stinker of a project, Sonny has just ten days to come with his own better script. The rest of the film follows his daydreams as he plots out possible storylines starring him as a Wild West sheriff, a jungle king, and as a private eye.

The Director and Players for Good Times (1967) 720p

[Director]William Friedkin
[Role:]Sonny & Cher
[Role:]Sonny Bono
[Role:]George Sanders

The Reviews for Good Times (1967) 720p

Wow! This was tragicReviewed byCalabossVote: 2/10

This flick is only viewable by those that have a huge amount of pot, and even then, it's a tough go. For guys, there is some redeeming value at being able to see Cher before she had her face screwed up by a doctor. And she DOES have a nice singing voice.

The late 60's were a strange time for movies, and this is a really good example. Far out, groovy, and bitchin' don't quite describe it. Jaw-dropping in its silliness, apparently nobody had any shame in 1967 Hollywood.

And Sonny, with that shaggy Beatles hair! Gosh, we were odd back then.

Best avoided if ANYTHING else is on.

A sign of things not to comeReviewed byznowhite01Vote: 3/10

First feature from William Hurricane Friedkin in 1967 is a comedy musical starring Sonny and Cher(!), and we're a far cry from the all the vehicular mayhem, gay themes and people getting shot in the face which was to soon follow from the man. Sonny Bono, here resembling the love child of an ogre and Gerard Depardieu, plays himself in a silly fantasy plot about trying to get his pre-surgical wife Cher in the film business. No, this is not a documentary, but a fun, harmless "what-if" caca comedy. We are then treated to three daydreamed scenarios: a Western with wimpy Bono cleaning up a corrupt barroom; a Tarzan jungle movie; and a film-noir detective parody. It's amazing how low and childish the direction sinks at times with its pseudo-hippie sensibilities and innocent morality. The slapstick gags are usually unfunny with only a few inspired moments: a card game with talking chimps and an overdone nightclub shootout. In between each episode comes the musical number which may or may not serve as anesthesia for the sequences that come before. Sonny's pilgrim haircut and squash physique may turn viewers off, but it's surprising to see that Cher was actually cute at one point.

Entertaining!Reviewed bybscellVote: 7/10

If you enjoy off the wall humor, and have a fondness for 60's nostalgia, you will like this movie (in my opinion). I found the film to be good-natured, a bit silly in spots, and touched with a slightly warped sense of humor that held my attention for the relatively short run-time. I just wish that Cher had a larger role in this one, but, I guess (at the time), Sonny was considered the real "talent." Granted, Sonny can't sing very well (especially so when compared to Cher), however, he seems to be having a "good time" making the movies within the movie. The Western spoof is especially entertaining.

This is a guilty pleasure movie. It amused me, made me smile a few times, and that is enough for me to recommend it!

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